Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Yey Magic is back!

Ok, so there’s this bath bomb called Magic in Lush, it is amazing, it came out for Halloween last year, then it got discontinued in January. I bought it in October and i was to busy using my Christmas Lush stuffs, so by the time i got around to using Magic, it was January, and i LOVED it. but i was soo sad that they didn’t have it anymore. The other day I was in lush and i was talking to one of the women at Lush and she said that it was coming back in another shape, I was sooooooo happy and excited. So last week I was on the Lush website, i saw that it was back. This bath bomb turns your water this beautiful red to purple and then to blue colour, its almost two toned. It has this wonderful scent, its amazing, this isn’t normally the scent i go for, but i love it!! I will be picking up a few of these babies on my next trip to Lush!

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