Sunday, 4 October 2009

Collective haul

Ok, so this haul is long over due. i have had some of these item for nearly 3 weeks now. So here they are.....
I have been using foundation for a couple of years now, the reason i started using it was because i got a few spots and desperately wanted to cover them up and now i have realised that it was the worst thing i could have done for my skin. Even now i do not need foundation but cant bare not to have something on my face to even out my skin tone. So i decided to pick up a Mac's tinted moisturiser, i have used tinted moistuser before but honestly cant remember what i thought of it but after i used it a couple of years back i did think it did not give me enough coverage and went on to use foundation. Mac' s seems ok. it does even out my skin tone and i use MSF natural over it to keep away shine.
I also picked up a couple of lip products, i got my first red lipstick in Lady danger. Its a Orange base red and looks really good with my skin tone. I also picked up my 1st Slimshine in Fushine its pretty, and i really like the feel of it. The D squared collection launched in the UK on Thursday, and form there i picked up this milky pink called nude rose, now this lipstick is a lustre and i thought i could not wear luster's because it made my lips look dry but this ones looks really nice. The last lip product i picked up was Spring beam lipsglass, i have had this on my wish list for a very long time now, and was happy when i picked it up. it looks really good on top of lady danger.
D squared also released the sculpt and shape duos again, i picked Accentuate and Sculpt and i loooove it. It looks so flattering on. Also from that same collection i picked up the black grease paint stick and i love it.
I finally picked up the eyeshadow brush of all eye shadow brushes the Mac 239...... and it really is Fab. lastly i got Beyond jealous, it not as pretty as i thought it would be but its OK, i really wanted Cool reserve but it sold out. boohoo

Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Red cherry haul

I ordered 6 lashes for me and 6 for my cousin and two duo glues for only $34.47, this price included international shipping as well. So, in £'s it was only £21.12. The lashes each cost $1.49. That is amazingly cheap, there good quality as well, they were so easy to apply and so comfortable to wear. Shipping was amazing too, i got them in 10days, and i live in the UK, so that's is really fast. I cant wait to place my next order.

Lash heaven!!!

Sunday, 6 September 2009

Photo Realism tutorial

This is the look i came up with using the Photo Realism quad, i used Clinique brush on cream liner in True black as a base.

Make up artist collection and Nail Trend haul

The Photo realism quad comes with a light champagne colour, 2 mid green and a forest greens, i love the forest green, i think its my fav colour in the quad. I also find this quad works best with a black base. I also picked up Personal taste lipsglass, and Dry Martini nail polish. Make sure you check out the collections, the colours are stunning.
What are you going to pick up from the latest Mac collection?

Friday, 28 August 2009

Smokey brown eye

Using Mac Tempting, Buckwheat, and Brun!!

Wednesday, 26 August 2009

I'm back......with a haul

Hey guys, sorry i have been away for ages, just been busy went to visit family for a while, but you ll be happy to hear that i have been hauling while i have been away. Here's a snap shot of what i have picked up..
I have been wanting a Msf natural for a while and heard fantastic reviews about it, but I'm sorry to say I'm so disappointed with this product, i think more so because i thought it was gonna be my H.G powder and it just was not.

I was reading lolllipop26s blog the other day and she raved about Aveda's hair abundance potion. So I decided to pick one up, it does add volume and it does do what its meant to do to, but again im not wowed especially considering the price.

Graphic Garden got released in the UK this month, and i had been waiting for this pallet for ages and was so happy when i got it, i love this pallet, you can do so many looks with it.

This Eid I'm wearing a smokey green and brown Saree so i really wanted to smokey sultry eyes, so i got Buckwheat and Brun, if i add tempting to this combo it creates a perfect smokey/sultry brown eye.

I also, got some more of Lush's lip balms, I'm addicted to these.

Friday, 7 August 2009

Hitting pan....

Today i hit pan on one of favourite blushes and it filled me with a sense of satisfaction, not only have i used it enough but now i can justify getting another blush. I have hit pan and finished pressed powders before but its just not the same feeling.

Does anyone else feel the same?