Sunday, 4 October 2009

Collective haul

Ok, so this haul is long over due. i have had some of these item for nearly 3 weeks now. So here they are.....
I have been using foundation for a couple of years now, the reason i started using it was because i got a few spots and desperately wanted to cover them up and now i have realised that it was the worst thing i could have done for my skin. Even now i do not need foundation but cant bare not to have something on my face to even out my skin tone. So i decided to pick up a Mac's tinted moisturiser, i have used tinted moistuser before but honestly cant remember what i thought of it but after i used it a couple of years back i did think it did not give me enough coverage and went on to use foundation. Mac' s seems ok. it does even out my skin tone and i use MSF natural over it to keep away shine.
I also picked up a couple of lip products, i got my first red lipstick in Lady danger. Its a Orange base red and looks really good with my skin tone. I also picked up my 1st Slimshine in Fushine its pretty, and i really like the feel of it. The D squared collection launched in the UK on Thursday, and form there i picked up this milky pink called nude rose, now this lipstick is a lustre and i thought i could not wear luster's because it made my lips look dry but this ones looks really nice. The last lip product i picked up was Spring beam lipsglass, i have had this on my wish list for a very long time now, and was happy when i picked it up. it looks really good on top of lady danger.
D squared also released the sculpt and shape duos again, i picked Accentuate and Sculpt and i loooove it. It looks so flattering on. Also from that same collection i picked up the black grease paint stick and i love it.
I finally picked up the eyeshadow brush of all eye shadow brushes the Mac 239...... and it really is Fab. lastly i got Beyond jealous, it not as pretty as i thought it would be but its OK, i really wanted Cool reserve but it sold out. boohoo