Thursday, 30 April 2009

Lush's Recycling program

This a little post to let everyone no that did not know about Lush's recycling program. Basically, if you bring back 5 black pots, for example pots for things like Big Shampoo,Skin Drink face cream and fair trade foot lotion etc. You can get a free fresh face mask. The face mask that you could possibly get are:
Crash course in skin care
BB seaweed
Brazened honey
Catastrophe cosmetic
Cupcake -- My fav!
Love lettuce
The sacred truth
So remember to save your pots!

Tuesday, 28 April 2009

My Lush cake

As you all know i have an obsession with Lush, there is one particular product that i really like and that is the Ring of roses butter cream. It has this amazing lemony Orange smell and feels great on my skin, very moisturising. So my parents got me the whole lush cake for my last birthday. I have a lot of family member and ended up cutting it up and giving half of the cake away but i still had loads left for me!!

Simple sliver and blue eyes

This is the look i was wearing today..Firstly, i primed my eyes with UDPP, then used Urban Deacy 24/7 liner in Yeyo all over my lid as a base. I used the silver out of the Blue Velvet all over my lid and the dark blue in the crease. Added black eyeliner and mascara, and i'm done. The simplest, run out the door look ever.

Glitzy Glam Haul

So i placed an order with Glitzy Glam last week, i have ordered a white waffle make up bag from them previously and been very happy. When i was on the website last week, i saw that they had some new products, they have make up own make up brush holder option, where you can choose the colours you want to decorate your brush holder and the letter you want. I choose hot pink and purple, i have Mac brush belt that i put my brushes in but i do not like to put brushes that i have just used back in there. So i got a brush holder so that it can hold my dirty brushes before i wash them. The brush holder comes with the beads you see at the bottom. I love this brush holder it is so cute!I am so happy right now. I also ordered this nail file holder with a glass nail file.The nail file is very good quality. its really cute, cannot wait to show my friends. Everything come so cutely packaged. I have also included a picture of the white waffle make up bag, that i previously ordered. The shipping time is faster than i thought it would be, and the shipping cost is not too much either, cannot wait to place my next order with Glitzy glam.

Little Lush haul

So yesterday i was in town, and i really wanted to go to Lush and pick up the New sugar scrub that they have, And some more Magic bath bombs if they had any more left.I picked up 3 previously, and have one left. In the first Lush store i went into they ran out of the Magic bath bomb, then i went to another store and they had it.... for half price so i was like yey!! But i only picked up 2 as i have one at home. I love this bath bomb it is my favorite. To find out more about it check out my review on my blog of it.
I also decided to pick up the scrub, the green was meant to be for oilier skin. so i picked that one up. I want to use this to exfoliate my body.
I have heard about the Mask of Magnaminty, and heard that it is fantastic. It is meant to deep clean your face. I will report back after i have tried it.

Monday, 27 April 2009

Hair Care

I have very thin black hair, that gets greasy over night, i have tried loads of different kinds of shampoos and conditioners, nothing helped stop my hair getting greasy so fast , so i gave up and opted for something more environmentally friendly. I love Lush, so decided to try there hair care range. I was in the store and told the women what my hair type is, then she told me about Big shampoo and this other that shampoo that is meant to increase hair growth,i loved the idea of having thick hair. So i decided to try the one that increase hair growth. Its is called the New shampoo, one shampoo bar is meant to last as long as 3 bottles of shampoo bottles. It has Cinnamon essential oils and clove in it, to stimulate growth. It has no packing or preservatives, which is good for the environment and if you buy two bars together you get a tin free. It is easy to use, it lathers and cleans my hair really well. As for making my hair thicker, well I'm on my third bar now will report back after i have used may be 5/ 6 bars.

Next, i condition my hair with Veganese conditioner, this conditioner is for all types oh hair, it had agar seaweed gel to softener hair and also has lavender and lemons to add shine, which it does. This product is vegan friendly as well. The smell of this conditioner is amazing, i love the smell of lemons, it smells like burnt lemons to me. This conditioner makes my hair tangle-free and leaves it amazingly soft.

Cute Tweezers Haul

I was walking past this shop called Octopus today, i have been in this shop before and loved all the cute quirky things in there. Today i came across something that i had not seen before. It was these wonderful tweezers, they came in a of load of different characters, a nurse a ballerina etc. I was in the market for new tweezers and thought why not. I got this one...

I love this one, its soo cute, and ever so sharp. It also comes with a stand.

Sunday, 26 April 2009

Purple and pink look

This is the look i had today...

First i used UDPP as a base, then a white eyeliner as a 2nd base from Urban Decay. The Pink from Clinique Lovey Dovey on the inner corner them Mac Plum Dressing on the rest of my lid. I blended Beauty Marked into the crease, and lined my eyes with black eye liner and mascara. I also, used Beauty Marked as a liner.

Review: Batiste Dry Shampoo

The other day i was watching one of Lollipop26 videos, and she mentioned a dry shampoo. My hair gets oily over night, so i have to wash it every day, and i know this is not very good for my hair, and really do not like doing. When I'm spending a day at home i don't like sitting at home with greasy hair and i certainly do want to wash it either. Also, when i need to pop to the grocery shop i do not like washing my hair just to pop out for 10 Min's. So i decided to go to my nearest boots and try the Batiste dry shampoo out. This product cleans and refreshes my hair without washing. I also, find that it adds volume to my hair, after my hair has gone greasy it tends to go flat. This product is also not very expensive, i think i picked it up from Boots for about £2.00. On the downside it does not last a long time, it lasts bout 3hours, so if i wanted it to last a whole day i would use it 2/3times a day, which i have no problem with. The smell also may be strong for some but I'm okay with it! I can definitely see my self getting through a lot of these.

What im loving this week! 4

This week I'm absolutely loving, Cup Cake face mask from Lush. As you all know i have oily temperamental skin, and i find if i use this face mask twice a week it keeps my skin at bay! Theses fresh face mask have a self life of about 4 week, i find if i used i twice a week it last me 4 weeks. The smell is Devinne... i have to stop myself form eating it. The consistency of this product is rather thick, so it is not the easiest thing in the world to apply. This is best applied straight out of the fridge, because it is a fresh face mask it needs to be stored in the fridge also, if you take it straight out of the fridge it make your skin feel tingly when you apply it. The face mask has these little beads in, and when you wash the mask off you can rub the beads into your skin to give it a slight exfoliation. The Linseed and Cococa butter is meant soften your skin. Rhossoul mud is meant to cleanse soothe your skin. I would definitely recommend this product to every one with oily troublesome skin.

Saturday, 25 April 2009

My birthday look

I used the Spiced chocolate quad on my eyes on my birthday, so here is the look.

To create this look i used, UDPP as a base and the 1999 Urban Decay 24/7 liner all over my lid as a second base. Then i took the colour Spiced Chocolate and used it to create the outer v of my eye. Then i used Brass on the inner third of my lid and Sweet Chestnut on the outer 2/3 of my lid, i used Nanogold as a high light and linded the bottom of my eyes with Spiced Chocolate. Lastly, used black eyeliner to line my lid and mascara to finish the look.

CCO Haul

I have been dieing to go to my nearest CCO for a while now, the nearest CCO to me is in Chester in the Cheshire oaks outlet, i have been to the CCO twice before but i was never that in to Mac then. Since my crazy obsession started with Mac i have never had the chance to go back. When i finally got the chance this week i was so happy. There was one product in particular that i relay wanted and that was tendertone, and you can imagine my excitement when i found it. It was the shade i wanted too, so one of my wonderful friends go me tread gently. As was looking through the rest of the Mac stuff they had i noticed the Cult of cherry quads, i so regretted not getting the Spiced chocolate quad when they came out, as soon as i saw it i picked it up straight away. The quad was only £19.86. This quad is my new love!! I think i may go back and get the Shadowy lady quad.

Friday, 24 April 2009

My Birthday Mac Haul

Ok, so yesterday was my birthday, i had a great day, with great food, great friends and great family. I have a lot of wonderful friends and family members, that got me all the brushes that i wanted. Now my brush collection is complete. They also got me the mineralized blush that i really wanted. I had a fantastic birthday, my very kind and sweet friends,who took me to a restaurant called Zouk, the food was great( i tried lobster ...mmmmm, it was good). Then we went to the park, were we played games and ate, my friend she makes this wonderful bread and butter pudding, its sooo yum, they put candles in it, but because of the wind the candles blew out,well... all accept one. In the evening i went out my family to this steak place, i did not have and steak, because i do not like Beef, but the Chicken was good.

Tuesday, 21 April 2009

What im loving this week! 3

I no i have been away for a very long time, but now i am back with a what i am loving this week post. So, this week i am loving.... Love body loton, form Bee never to busy to beautiful. It has this wondeful apple and rose smell, and it makes your skin feel very soft. I use it on my hands mostly and my knees as get very dry. I absolutly love this product and would reccomend it to all.

Saturday, 4 April 2009

My Be never... lip products

Be never to busy to be beautiful is lushes sister company, they sell all sort of products form make up to perfume to bath products. There are only 4 in the UK. All of there make up and brushes come in beautiful packaging. I own 5 lip products from this store, a lip scrub, 3 lip glosses and a lip cream. In the pictures below you will see that some of the lip gloss pot have hinges and some don't, that is because the ones with the hinges are newer, they started putting hinges on them a couple of months ago. Be never... is against animal testing, all of there products are cruelty free. To read more about this go on...

Firstly, we have a lip cream, the colour is Blab, it is a really nice neutral pink colour. It is a cream formulation which is meant to be very moisturizing, but i find that i cannot wear it when i have dry lips. but i still really love the colour. This contains 4.5gs of product.

Next i have 3 lip glosses, the 1st one is called Bow, its just has such a nice bubble gum pink colour, with small bits of shimmer in it. i really like wearing this gloss. The glosses contain 4gs of product each.

Next we have Bluetooth, this gloss is meant to make your look teeth whither. It is this a light blue colour, it goes on clear on your lip, i like this lip product but it is not my favorite.

The last lip gloss we have is Called Beret, i really like this colour but i has way too much chunky shimmer in it. The colour is deep red, when i saw this colour i thought to my self i just have to have it.The shimmer in the pot did not seem to big, but when i put it on i really didn't like it, but i did use it for a good while. The last lip product that i own from Be never... is the lip scrub. I love this product, i have really dry lips, and find this product gets rid of the dry bit on my lips, i use it every weekend. It also, tastes great, there are two flavours chocolate and mint, i have the chocolate one mmm. This contains 20g of product.