Monday, 27 April 2009

Hair Care

I have very thin black hair, that gets greasy over night, i have tried loads of different kinds of shampoos and conditioners, nothing helped stop my hair getting greasy so fast , so i gave up and opted for something more environmentally friendly. I love Lush, so decided to try there hair care range. I was in the store and told the women what my hair type is, then she told me about Big shampoo and this other that shampoo that is meant to increase hair growth,i loved the idea of having thick hair. So i decided to try the one that increase hair growth. Its is called the New shampoo, one shampoo bar is meant to last as long as 3 bottles of shampoo bottles. It has Cinnamon essential oils and clove in it, to stimulate growth. It has no packing or preservatives, which is good for the environment and if you buy two bars together you get a tin free. It is easy to use, it lathers and cleans my hair really well. As for making my hair thicker, well I'm on my third bar now will report back after i have used may be 5/ 6 bars.

Next, i condition my hair with Veganese conditioner, this conditioner is for all types oh hair, it had agar seaweed gel to softener hair and also has lavender and lemons to add shine, which it does. This product is vegan friendly as well. The smell of this conditioner is amazing, i love the smell of lemons, it smells like burnt lemons to me. This conditioner makes my hair tangle-free and leaves it amazingly soft.

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