Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Little Lush haul

So yesterday i was in town, and i really wanted to go to Lush and pick up the New sugar scrub that they have, And some more Magic bath bombs if they had any more left.I picked up 3 previously, and have one left. In the first Lush store i went into they ran out of the Magic bath bomb, then i went to another store and they had it.... for half price so i was like yey!! But i only picked up 2 as i have one at home. I love this bath bomb it is my favorite. To find out more about it check out my review on my blog of it.
I also decided to pick up the scrub, the green was meant to be for oilier skin. so i picked that one up. I want to use this to exfoliate my body.
I have heard about the Mask of Magnaminty, and heard that it is fantastic. It is meant to deep clean your face. I will report back after i have tried it.

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