Sunday, 26 April 2009

Review: Batiste Dry Shampoo

The other day i was watching one of Lollipop26 videos, and she mentioned a dry shampoo. My hair gets oily over night, so i have to wash it every day, and i know this is not very good for my hair, and really do not like doing. When I'm spending a day at home i don't like sitting at home with greasy hair and i certainly do want to wash it either. Also, when i need to pop to the grocery shop i do not like washing my hair just to pop out for 10 Min's. So i decided to go to my nearest boots and try the Batiste dry shampoo out. This product cleans and refreshes my hair without washing. I also, find that it adds volume to my hair, after my hair has gone greasy it tends to go flat. This product is also not very expensive, i think i picked it up from Boots for about £2.00. On the downside it does not last a long time, it lasts bout 3hours, so if i wanted it to last a whole day i would use it 2/3times a day, which i have no problem with. The smell also may be strong for some but I'm okay with it! I can definitely see my self getting through a lot of these.

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