Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Glitzy Glam Haul

So i placed an order with Glitzy Glam last week, i have ordered a white waffle make up bag from them previously and been very happy. When i was on the website last week, i saw that they had some new products, they have make up own make up brush holder option, where you can choose the colours you want to decorate your brush holder and the letter you want. I choose hot pink and purple, i have Mac brush belt that i put my brushes in but i do not like to put brushes that i have just used back in there. So i got a brush holder so that it can hold my dirty brushes before i wash them. The brush holder comes with the beads you see at the bottom. I love this brush holder it is so cute!I am so happy right now. I also ordered this nail file holder with a glass nail file.The nail file is very good quality. its really cute, cannot wait to show my friends. Everything come so cutely packaged. I have also included a picture of the white waffle make up bag, that i previously ordered. The shipping time is faster than i thought it would be, and the shipping cost is not too much either, cannot wait to place my next order with Glitzy glam.

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  1. your waffle weave makeup bag is embroidered in turquoise? the pic is a bit blurry