Friday, 3 April 2009

Top 6 lip products tag

I was watching lollipop26’s video on You tube yesterday, and she tagged everyone that wants to do a response to her video. Since, I do not make videos on you tube, I thought I would do a response on my blog. I changed it slightly though, i have a lot of lip products but I can only say 6 are my favourite.

Ok so firstly, we have Bow lip gloss, form Be never to be busy to be beautiful, this company is lush's sister company and they sell cosmetics, every thing from foundations to lashes, they also have a few bath products. I love this store I get soo excited when I go in, but there is only 4 stores in the U.K and the nearest one to me is in Leeds, and that’s far from were I live. Now on to the actual lip gloss itself, I love this gloss its just such a nice bubble gum pink, with small bits of shimmer in it. It just adds a great pop of colour to my lips, as you can see I have gotten through a lot of it. This gloss last about 2-3 hours if u do not eat anything. One thing I did notice with this one, and it does not happen with the other Be never.... glosses is that after the lip gloss has gone it slightly stains my lips! which I like, then it look more natural. The packaging is so lovely as well, you can chooses the packing you want as the all the glosses come in a different types of pots. Next, we have Blab lip cream from Be never..., this lip product is a cream formulation, I really like this one, but I can only wear it when my lip decide to behave themselves. I have very dry lips and I go through period were they are ok, and times when they are dry, but when they are ok, I use Blab, it is a really nice neutral pink colour.

My next, favourite is Mac's Speed Dial, ok I have only had this for a day but I love it soo much I can definitely see my self wearing it every day from now on. This pink is the perfect shade for me, it just makes my lips pop! It is a cream sheen formulation so I do not need to add any gloss, which is great because I do not like wearing two lip products.

I also like Pink Manish, this came out last year with Mac's Manish Arora collection. I love this, it is a vibrant pink, with a little shimmer, i originally got this because of the packaging, I am such a sucker for it, but I loved it!

My next product is a Benifit product, it is California kissin, I love to wear this, I’m not really in the mood to wear any make up, I just put this on and I’m fine. This gloss is not sticky, and has a really nice texture, and is very moisturising. This gloss is a blue colour but goes on clear on my lips, it is meant to make you teeth look whither, I do not no if it does that. The taste of this gloss is yummy, it tastes of mint.

My last product is Clinique's Super Balms, i had about 10 of theses but because i used them so much I kept losing them. I had the big one the small ones, and the really small ones, here is what is left of them. i truly love these glosses, they are really moisturizing. It is very thick, very smooth and it lasts a long time. All of them just add a tint of colour and look great on my lips.

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