Sunday, 26 April 2009

What im loving this week! 4

This week I'm absolutely loving, Cup Cake face mask from Lush. As you all know i have oily temperamental skin, and i find if i use this face mask twice a week it keeps my skin at bay! Theses fresh face mask have a self life of about 4 week, i find if i used i twice a week it last me 4 weeks. The smell is Devinne... i have to stop myself form eating it. The consistency of this product is rather thick, so it is not the easiest thing in the world to apply. This is best applied straight out of the fridge, because it is a fresh face mask it needs to be stored in the fridge also, if you take it straight out of the fridge it make your skin feel tingly when you apply it. The face mask has these little beads in, and when you wash the mask off you can rub the beads into your skin to give it a slight exfoliation. The Linseed and Cococa butter is meant soften your skin. Rhossoul mud is meant to cleanse soothe your skin. I would definitely recommend this product to every one with oily troublesome skin.

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