Saturday, 4 April 2009

My Be never... lip products

Be never to busy to be beautiful is lushes sister company, they sell all sort of products form make up to perfume to bath products. There are only 4 in the UK. All of there make up and brushes come in beautiful packaging. I own 5 lip products from this store, a lip scrub, 3 lip glosses and a lip cream. In the pictures below you will see that some of the lip gloss pot have hinges and some don't, that is because the ones with the hinges are newer, they started putting hinges on them a couple of months ago. Be never... is against animal testing, all of there products are cruelty free. To read more about this go on...

Firstly, we have a lip cream, the colour is Blab, it is a really nice neutral pink colour. It is a cream formulation which is meant to be very moisturizing, but i find that i cannot wear it when i have dry lips. but i still really love the colour. This contains 4.5gs of product.

Next i have 3 lip glosses, the 1st one is called Bow, its just has such a nice bubble gum pink colour, with small bits of shimmer in it. i really like wearing this gloss. The glosses contain 4gs of product each.

Next we have Bluetooth, this gloss is meant to make your look teeth whither. It is this a light blue colour, it goes on clear on your lip, i like this lip product but it is not my favorite.

The last lip gloss we have is Called Beret, i really like this colour but i has way too much chunky shimmer in it. The colour is deep red, when i saw this colour i thought to my self i just have to have it.The shimmer in the pot did not seem to big, but when i put it on i really didn't like it, but i did use it for a good while. The last lip product that i own from Be never... is the lip scrub. I love this product, i have really dry lips, and find this product gets rid of the dry bit on my lips, i use it every weekend. It also, tastes great, there are two flavours chocolate and mint, i have the chocolate one mmm. This contains 20g of product.

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