Friday, 24 April 2009

My Birthday Mac Haul

Ok, so yesterday was my birthday, i had a great day, with great food, great friends and great family. I have a lot of wonderful friends and family members, that got me all the brushes that i wanted. Now my brush collection is complete. They also got me the mineralized blush that i really wanted. I had a fantastic birthday, my very kind and sweet friends,who took me to a restaurant called Zouk, the food was great( i tried lobster ...mmmmm, it was good). Then we went to the park, were we played games and ate, my friend she makes this wonderful bread and butter pudding, its sooo yum, they put candles in it, but because of the wind the candles blew out,well... all accept one. In the evening i went out my family to this steak place, i did not have and steak, because i do not like Beef, but the Chicken was good.

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