Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Mac Haul

So, i have another haul for you guys, i visited Mac yesterday and picked up a few items. I got my very 1st paint pot ever, i wanted one that would match my skin tone so i could use it with different colours. I have not tried it yet, but cant wait.

I really Funtabulous dazzlglass so decided to pick up another one, when i was there i was automatically drawn to Love alert. Its not too sheer, and is totally wearable, it has red and pink sparkle, its so beautiful.

I had also heard a lot a Fabulush cream colour base, and decided to pick it up, it looks like a scary reddish gold/coral colour but goes on my skin tone this beautiful peachy colour. I have only used this as a blush so far, cant wait to use it as and eyeshadow.

My cousin gave the see through lip colour in Secret crush, when i put this on it looks like i have just ate cherries. It last the whole day, and dries to a satin finish, and you cant even tell you have it on most of the time. and lastly i picked up a sharpener for my eye pencils.

Friday, 17 July 2009

I heart my new bag!!

I heart my new bag, its soo pretty and summarish (that soo not a word) and best of all it was on sale yey!! Every time i get a new bag it lasts me about 5 to 7 months then i need a new one, because i use it soo much that it gets all old looking and torn and dirty!

I love the gold!!!

Thursday, 16 July 2009

Michelle's double winged eye liner

I have been really ill for the past couple of days and barely been able to get out of bed, so i decided to catch up on all the YouTube vidz and read blogs posts that i haven't had a chance to read, what else can you do lying in bed ill, right? so last night i came across Michelle's video on double winged eye liner... and i was amazed!!!! It looked so pretty and funky at the same time, as soon as i watched it i jumped put of bed literally, to try it out on my eyes. That was the 1st time all day i actually wanted to get out of bed. Its so cute and fresh looking.

Sunday, 12 July 2009

Colour craft haul

Yey!!! colour craft was released in stores yesterday.I had been waiting for this collection for a while now and was so excited for it. I had been eyeing Warm blend Msf ever since i saw pictures of it. This is exactly the colour i wanted, its this warm rich brown.

Next i picked up, Fad-dabulous. OMG this is my fav blush.i really didn't think i was gonna get that this one, it has loads of gold veining and it comes out this peachy apricot colour on my cheeks.

I also, picked up Madly creative lipstick, its this pinky mauve colour, but I'm not too sure about this colour on me, the colour is gorgeous but I'm not sure i love it on me

Friday, 10 July 2009

What im loving this week....

.....Clinique Strawberry fudge colour surge eye shadow. Ok so i ve had this for a very long time, When i first got it, i was amazed by it, but since then i kind of forgot about it. I really think this is the perfect duo. it has this iridescent gold pink and a darker rich brown. Both colours are highly pigmented, which is rare for Clinique. The pinky gold is a very unique colour, it has this beautiful goldy bronze undertone, it also has this hint of copper in it, perfect for the summer. The two colours have a real silky feel to them they are super easy to blend. It also has really good staying power even with out a primer. This product was definitely worth the price and i hope it lasts for ever.