Sunday, 4 October 2009

Collective haul

Ok, so this haul is long over due. i have had some of these item for nearly 3 weeks now. So here they are.....
I have been using foundation for a couple of years now, the reason i started using it was because i got a few spots and desperately wanted to cover them up and now i have realised that it was the worst thing i could have done for my skin. Even now i do not need foundation but cant bare not to have something on my face to even out my skin tone. So i decided to pick up a Mac's tinted moisturiser, i have used tinted moistuser before but honestly cant remember what i thought of it but after i used it a couple of years back i did think it did not give me enough coverage and went on to use foundation. Mac' s seems ok. it does even out my skin tone and i use MSF natural over it to keep away shine.
I also picked up a couple of lip products, i got my first red lipstick in Lady danger. Its a Orange base red and looks really good with my skin tone. I also picked up my 1st Slimshine in Fushine its pretty, and i really like the feel of it. The D squared collection launched in the UK on Thursday, and form there i picked up this milky pink called nude rose, now this lipstick is a lustre and i thought i could not wear luster's because it made my lips look dry but this ones looks really nice. The last lip product i picked up was Spring beam lipsglass, i have had this on my wish list for a very long time now, and was happy when i picked it up. it looks really good on top of lady danger.
D squared also released the sculpt and shape duos again, i picked Accentuate and Sculpt and i loooove it. It looks so flattering on. Also from that same collection i picked up the black grease paint stick and i love it.
I finally picked up the eyeshadow brush of all eye shadow brushes the Mac 239...... and it really is Fab. lastly i got Beyond jealous, it not as pretty as i thought it would be but its OK, i really wanted Cool reserve but it sold out. boohoo

Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Red cherry haul

I ordered 6 lashes for me and 6 for my cousin and two duo glues for only $34.47, this price included international shipping as well. So, in £'s it was only £21.12. The lashes each cost $1.49. That is amazingly cheap, there good quality as well, they were so easy to apply and so comfortable to wear. Shipping was amazing too, i got them in 10days, and i live in the UK, so that's is really fast. I cant wait to place my next order.

Lash heaven!!!

Sunday, 6 September 2009

Photo Realism tutorial

This is the look i came up with using the Photo Realism quad, i used Clinique brush on cream liner in True black as a base.

Make up artist collection and Nail Trend haul

The Photo realism quad comes with a light champagne colour, 2 mid green and a forest greens, i love the forest green, i think its my fav colour in the quad. I also find this quad works best with a black base. I also picked up Personal taste lipsglass, and Dry Martini nail polish. Make sure you check out the collections, the colours are stunning.
What are you going to pick up from the latest Mac collection?

Friday, 28 August 2009

Smokey brown eye

Using Mac Tempting, Buckwheat, and Brun!!

Wednesday, 26 August 2009

I'm back......with a haul

Hey guys, sorry i have been away for ages, just been busy went to visit family for a while, but you ll be happy to hear that i have been hauling while i have been away. Here's a snap shot of what i have picked up..
I have been wanting a Msf natural for a while and heard fantastic reviews about it, but I'm sorry to say I'm so disappointed with this product, i think more so because i thought it was gonna be my H.G powder and it just was not.

I was reading lolllipop26s blog the other day and she raved about Aveda's hair abundance potion. So I decided to pick one up, it does add volume and it does do what its meant to do to, but again im not wowed especially considering the price.

Graphic Garden got released in the UK this month, and i had been waiting for this pallet for ages and was so happy when i got it, i love this pallet, you can do so many looks with it.

This Eid I'm wearing a smokey green and brown Saree so i really wanted to smokey sultry eyes, so i got Buckwheat and Brun, if i add tempting to this combo it creates a perfect smokey/sultry brown eye.

I also, got some more of Lush's lip balms, I'm addicted to these.

Friday, 7 August 2009

Hitting pan....

Today i hit pan on one of favourite blushes and it filled me with a sense of satisfaction, not only have i used it enough but now i can justify getting another blush. I have hit pan and finished pressed powders before but its just not the same feeling.

Does anyone else feel the same?

Thursday, 6 August 2009

Graphic Garden look

This is the look i came up with today using my Graphic Garden Palette....

Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Mac Haul

So, i have another haul for you guys, i visited Mac yesterday and picked up a few items. I got my very 1st paint pot ever, i wanted one that would match my skin tone so i could use it with different colours. I have not tried it yet, but cant wait.

I really Funtabulous dazzlglass so decided to pick up another one, when i was there i was automatically drawn to Love alert. Its not too sheer, and is totally wearable, it has red and pink sparkle, its so beautiful.

I had also heard a lot a Fabulush cream colour base, and decided to pick it up, it looks like a scary reddish gold/coral colour but goes on my skin tone this beautiful peachy colour. I have only used this as a blush so far, cant wait to use it as and eyeshadow.

My cousin gave the see through lip colour in Secret crush, when i put this on it looks like i have just ate cherries. It last the whole day, and dries to a satin finish, and you cant even tell you have it on most of the time. and lastly i picked up a sharpener for my eye pencils.

Friday, 17 July 2009

I heart my new bag!!

I heart my new bag, its soo pretty and summarish (that soo not a word) and best of all it was on sale yey!! Every time i get a new bag it lasts me about 5 to 7 months then i need a new one, because i use it soo much that it gets all old looking and torn and dirty!

I love the gold!!!

Thursday, 16 July 2009

Michelle's double winged eye liner

I have been really ill for the past couple of days and barely been able to get out of bed, so i decided to catch up on all the YouTube vidz and read blogs posts that i haven't had a chance to read, what else can you do lying in bed ill, right? so last night i came across Michelle's video on double winged eye liner... and i was amazed!!!! It looked so pretty and funky at the same time, as soon as i watched it i jumped put of bed literally, to try it out on my eyes. That was the 1st time all day i actually wanted to get out of bed. Its so cute and fresh looking.

Sunday, 12 July 2009

Colour craft haul

Yey!!! colour craft was released in stores yesterday.I had been waiting for this collection for a while now and was so excited for it. I had been eyeing Warm blend Msf ever since i saw pictures of it. This is exactly the colour i wanted, its this warm rich brown.

Next i picked up, Fad-dabulous. OMG this is my fav blush.i really didn't think i was gonna get that this one, it has loads of gold veining and it comes out this peachy apricot colour on my cheeks.

I also, picked up Madly creative lipstick, its this pinky mauve colour, but I'm not too sure about this colour on me, the colour is gorgeous but I'm not sure i love it on me

Friday, 10 July 2009

What im loving this week....

.....Clinique Strawberry fudge colour surge eye shadow. Ok so i ve had this for a very long time, When i first got it, i was amazed by it, but since then i kind of forgot about it. I really think this is the perfect duo. it has this iridescent gold pink and a darker rich brown. Both colours are highly pigmented, which is rare for Clinique. The pinky gold is a very unique colour, it has this beautiful goldy bronze undertone, it also has this hint of copper in it, perfect for the summer. The two colours have a real silky feel to them they are super easy to blend. It also has really good staying power even with out a primer. This product was definitely worth the price and i hope it lasts for ever.

Sunday, 28 June 2009

I blame this on Lollipop26

The other day i was reading lolipop26's blog and she had just purchased this beautiful cocktail ring form Topshop. It was this beautiful black ring that took up half her finger. I love wearing statement pieces of jewellery so i thought i would check it out. When i got there i saw they had one in cream, and i picked it up straight away, and it fits perfectly on my hands.

I originally i only wanted a few items from the Mac Style warriors collection, and when i got there to check it out the only thing i picked up was Brave new bronze lipstick. Brave new bronze is this pinky beige colour. This is the best nude colour for me, i have tried on so many nude lipsticks and they have looked awful. I also really wanted Sunsational lipstick but they did not have it in stock anymore, my own fault really should have picked it up sooner.

Saturday, 27 June 2009

New make up set up

Hey everyone, thought i would post a picture of my new make up set up, i picked this up yesterday and I'm totally in love with it. I love the pink patterns on the side. I really wanted it in black but they did not have any left, so i ended up picking the pink set up. I stacked 2 large ones and one medium draw on top of each other.

Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Yes..... its another Glitzy Glam Haul!

I'm so in love the products i ordered, i ordered a Key chain and a head band. It came packaged ridiculously cute, as always. I thought this key chain would be perfect for me, as i keep losing my keys in the bottom of my MASSIVE bag. The key chain is so cute, the material is durable and of a high quality. For £5.03 its is really reasonably priced and so well made. I also ordered a head band, i use Lush' s face masks about 3 times a week, and i ways seems to get it in my hair, so i thought this would be perfect to keep the mask out of my hair.

Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Accessorize and Topshop Jewellery haul

Ok, so today after work, i decided to look around the shops, and came across the cutest items, the butterfly ring is sooo cute, im wear a lot of black to work, so i could were is to dresses it up a little, and I love pearls so thought it was the cutest charmed pearl bracelet ever.

Monday, 15 June 2009

What im loving this week! 9

The suns out, and its beautiful outside, so it time for a change for my hair, from poker straight to beach waves. This is the style I'm loving, i have been doing this to my hair everyday. To get waves to stay in my hair i use Big Tease gel from Lush, this is a really strong hold gel. It also adds shine and has an orange blossom scent.... and yes that's the back of my Head.

Saturday, 13 June 2009


Gorgeous is such a wonderful moisturiser, its fantastic for combination skin and leaves a matte finish, the smell of orange blossom in this is beautiful. Its a little on the pricey side but a little goes along way. This cream just melts in to my skin, and leaves a radiant glow. The moisturiser is the perfect texture. All the cold pressed oils leaves my skin ever so soft.

Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Yay for Glamour mag

Ok, so one of my favourite mascaras is Benefit Bad gal lash, but it does have quite a hefty tag prices that comes with it. Its definitely one of the more expensive mascaras that i use. I usually either use Mac Plush lash or Rimmel sexy curves. In this months issue of Glamour mag they are GIVING away a mini Benefit Bad gal lash for free. I picked up 3! thanks Sugar plum fairy for posting the Glamour mag freebie on your blog.

Lush haul

I have been working at lush for a couple of weeks now, and i had not really picked anything up for myself, i was all stocked up on lush products before i started working at lush and the lovely trainer had given me loads of products to try. So last week i did a little hauling. P.S i love The big tease gel, its perfect to get Beach waves in your hair, (i have a back up of this). oh and for all the Sonic death monkey shower gel lovers out there , its getting discontinued so pick it up whilst you can.

Monday, 8 June 2009

Day out

I couldn't resist but post these pictures, i went to the beach the other day, i had the most fun day ever, i walked along the beach bare foot, went sight seeing, i was MADE to go on a cable cart ride, i was so sacred for my life, but after a minute or so i was ok. It was the longest cable cart ride in the U.K.

Tuesday, 2 June 2009

What im loving this week! 8

This week I'm absolutely loving Sweet Strawberry lip gloss my Mac, it is this amazing berry pink colour that, and it is very highly pigmented. it soo pretty, the texture is sooo smooth but a little sticky, i only wish i had bought a back up.Ok I'm cheating a bit now because i only post one item that i love every week or a combination of two items but i cant help it, i have fallen hard and fast for Love and friend ship nail polish form Mac, this is by far my fav nail polish colour ever. It is a little on the streaky side and i did need two coats but i can forgive Mac for the formulation of polish because of the beautiful creamy lavender colour.

Sunday, 24 May 2009

What im loving this week! 7

This week i am absolutely loving Volcano foot mask from Lush, this mask is wonderful, you apply it on for 10minutes and whilst you wash it off you massage it into your feet. it has pumice stone in it so when you massage it off it gets rid of all the dead skin. One jar lasts forever, i have all ready had 3 uses out of it. The Cinnamon in it really helped sooth my skin. it also has potatoes in it to help exfoliate. After i washed it off, i used Fair trade foot lotion, and it left my feet feeling really soft.

Sunday, 17 May 2009

Update: Yey i got a job at Lush

I am soo happy right now, this is the very first job interview i have ever been on, i really did not think i was going to get the job, beasuse i had no sales experiance what so ever. After the interview, i just felt really down, thinking i had really messed it up, well i had nothing to compare it too. So last week i got a call, which i really didnt expect, asking me if i could come in for a trial shift, the trial shift lasted 4 hours, and i loved it, i was really nervous at first but everyone is soo nice. Yey so happy.... i get to work at lush!!!

Friday, 15 May 2009

What im loving this week! 6

What I'm loving this week, is a combination of two items, Mac Dame blush and Mac Petticoat msf. Dame is a lovely dusty pink blush which gives you a pink flush, it has this blue shimmer in it, but it does not really show up on your face. Petticoat is this pinky, raspberry colour with gold veining, which adds this phenomenal glow to your cheeks, and paired with Dame it looks great.

Mac haul

After my exam yesterday, i thought i deserved a little treat, so i popped over to my nearest Mac counter, i had seen the Dazzle glasses before and really one wanted one, out of all 18 the one that really stuck out to me was Funtabulous. Funtabulous is pretty sheer, as are most Dazzle glasses, but i has this blue pink sparkle, it is so so pretty. It also has a brush applicator which i love, i feel i have more control with a brush applicator. I also got Inky liquid last liner, its a beautiful navy colour, and it has amazing staying power, i have to use an oil based eye make upr remover to take it off.

Friday, 8 May 2009

Pink, blue and purple look

A fun bright look...
I used the Urban Decay Deluxe palette for this look. First, of all i primed my eyes with Urban Decay Primer Potion, then i put Ransom in my outer v and placed Peace on the inner half of my lid and then fishnet on the other half of my lid. I used Ransom to liner the bottom of my eyes and lined the top with black eyeliner. These are my 3 favorite colours out of this pallet.

Tiny Mac haul

After my exam today i thought i would go to Mac to treat myself, i only really wanted to get two items from the Rose Romance. I wanted to get the Just a pinch gel blush. I did not like the colour of it in person, so i thought i would wait till they release more gels blushes in other collection and then choose a colour i actually like. I got the Love and friendship nail polish, it is a mid tone lavender with a glossy finish, the formulation seems to be good i only needed to put one coat on, it does not streak at all, i love this colour, its my favourite nail polish.

Monday, 4 May 2009

Volvic Challenge

OK,so from tomorrow i am going to start the Volvic challenge. Basically you drink 1.5L of water everyday for 14 days, and this is meant to make your mind and body function well and keep you hydrated. I usually drink a lot of water anyway so i should not be too hard, maybe my aim should be 2Liters a day? I hope it improves my skin as well, i have little spots all over my face because of exam stress. I ll let you no how you get on. I need to get back to revision now.... bye!

Sunday, 3 May 2009

What im loving this week! 5

This week i am absolutely loving Pepermint Patti from Mac's Sugarsweet collection. This colour is so adorable, it is great for Spring and Summer, its a really fun colour. I did needed to put two coats on to get the colour i wanted and also to make sure it didn't come out streaky. I find i have to do this with most Mac nail polishes. This dries to a glossy finish. On another note i cant wait till Mac brings out Matte black nail polish. Also, i cant wait to pick up the nail polish from Rose Romance next week, the colour looks so pretty. I have never seen that dirty pink colour in nail polish form.

Saturday, 2 May 2009

Review:Lush, Snow fairy

Snow fairy is the yummiest smelling shower gel,it fills your whole bath room with the smell, it smells like fruity and sweets. It is Bright pink. It also only comes out every Christmas, so i have to stock up for the rest of the year, hence the two bottles. The snow fairy is meant to have iridescent sparkles and it doses but it all rest at the bottom even if you try and mix it, you still do not see in the shower.The shower gel makes you feel clean but not very moisturised. I think i like this shower gel so much because of the smell and the colour. The price is not too bad either i think its one of there cheapest shower gels Lush carry. You can also use it in your hair it lathers up really well,but i still prefer my shampoo. Also, a little of this product really does go a long way. This is also available in 3 sizes at Christmas time.

Friday, 1 May 2009

Review:Lush Olive branch shower gel

Olive branch is my most favourite shower gel, it smells amazing, this is not the typical smell i go for, but i really do seem to like this one, the smell is definitely suitable for men, that may be why i love it so much because it smells like men's cologne. This really moisturises your skin and makes you feel ever so relaxed. I like how it is oily at the top and then you shake it, and it mixes up. It lathers up loads in the shower. The smell is really addictive i could not stop smelling it when i 1st got it. I would definitely buy the is product again. You can buy it in 3 sizes 100g 250g and 500g.

Batiste on sale in UK at Asda

For those of you who live in the U.K, Asda is having a sale on Batiste dry shampoo, normally its retails for £1.94 in Asda or £2.05 in Boots. At the moment Asda are selling them for a £1. As i get through cans of theses i picked up 4. Should last me a while. I have a reviwe of this product on my blog, if any one wants anyone further info.


Hi my lovelies, today I'm spending my whole day revising, actually i have been doing this this since last week. My first exam is next week, and I'm stressed like crazy, but blogging is giving a outlet for my stress. yey for blogs! I'm in my second year studying law and love the subject i find it ever so interesting. Although, i cant wait till my exams are over. I have two exams next week and after the second exam, I'm going to watch Wolverine, I'm so excited about this film been wanting to watch it for the longest time. I watched Drangonball Evolution last week, i no naughty naughty should have been revising. The film was not very good, it could have been a lot better, the outfits were all wrong, the dragon was nothing like the one in the cartoon and as for the characters, one word... talentless, the only character i liked was Piccolo, i think that's the only thing they got right. The fight scenes and special effects were really BAD! I thought the fight between Piccolo and Goku would have been a lot better. Oh well lets hope Wolverine is a lot better. Bye my lovelies.

Thursday, 30 April 2009

Lush's Recycling program

This a little post to let everyone no that did not know about Lush's recycling program. Basically, if you bring back 5 black pots, for example pots for things like Big Shampoo,Skin Drink face cream and fair trade foot lotion etc. You can get a free fresh face mask. The face mask that you could possibly get are:
Crash course in skin care
BB seaweed
Brazened honey
Catastrophe cosmetic
Cupcake -- My fav!
Love lettuce
The sacred truth
So remember to save your pots!

Tuesday, 28 April 2009

My Lush cake

As you all know i have an obsession with Lush, there is one particular product that i really like and that is the Ring of roses butter cream. It has this amazing lemony Orange smell and feels great on my skin, very moisturising. So my parents got me the whole lush cake for my last birthday. I have a lot of family member and ended up cutting it up and giving half of the cake away but i still had loads left for me!!