Sunday, 28 June 2009

I blame this on Lollipop26

The other day i was reading lolipop26's blog and she had just purchased this beautiful cocktail ring form Topshop. It was this beautiful black ring that took up half her finger. I love wearing statement pieces of jewellery so i thought i would check it out. When i got there i saw they had one in cream, and i picked it up straight away, and it fits perfectly on my hands.

I originally i only wanted a few items from the Mac Style warriors collection, and when i got there to check it out the only thing i picked up was Brave new bronze lipstick. Brave new bronze is this pinky beige colour. This is the best nude colour for me, i have tried on so many nude lipsticks and they have looked awful. I also really wanted Sunsational lipstick but they did not have it in stock anymore, my own fault really should have picked it up sooner.


  1. i love the ring and the lipstick, still havent been to mac since the collection came out :( xx

  2. Love that ring!! I wonder if the topshop in nyc has it. Lipstick is very pretty as well :)