Sunday, 3 May 2009

What im loving this week! 5

This week i am absolutely loving Pepermint Patti from Mac's Sugarsweet collection. This colour is so adorable, it is great for Spring and Summer, its a really fun colour. I did needed to put two coats on to get the colour i wanted and also to make sure it didn't come out streaky. I find i have to do this with most Mac nail polishes. This dries to a glossy finish. On another note i cant wait till Mac brings out Matte black nail polish. Also, i cant wait to pick up the nail polish from Rose Romance next week, the colour looks so pretty. I have never seen that dirty pink colour in nail polish form.


  1. That color is such a pretty color. I totally slept on this collection and I missed out on getting the nail polish.

    I guess I will stick with the duplicate polish that I found. I actually just posted my manicure with the color.

  2. Thanks for subbing, girl! ;)

    That color is too cute! I loved the sugarsweet collection!