Friday, 1 May 2009


Hi my lovelies, today I'm spending my whole day revising, actually i have been doing this this since last week. My first exam is next week, and I'm stressed like crazy, but blogging is giving a outlet for my stress. yey for blogs! I'm in my second year studying law and love the subject i find it ever so interesting. Although, i cant wait till my exams are over. I have two exams next week and after the second exam, I'm going to watch Wolverine, I'm so excited about this film been wanting to watch it for the longest time. I watched Drangonball Evolution last week, i no naughty naughty should have been revising. The film was not very good, it could have been a lot better, the outfits were all wrong, the dragon was nothing like the one in the cartoon and as for the characters, one word... talentless, the only character i liked was Piccolo, i think that's the only thing they got right. The fight scenes and special effects were really BAD! I thought the fight between Piccolo and Goku would have been a lot better. Oh well lets hope Wolverine is a lot better. Bye my lovelies.

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