Wednesday, 26 August 2009

I'm back......with a haul

Hey guys, sorry i have been away for ages, just been busy went to visit family for a while, but you ll be happy to hear that i have been hauling while i have been away. Here's a snap shot of what i have picked up..
I have been wanting a Msf natural for a while and heard fantastic reviews about it, but I'm sorry to say I'm so disappointed with this product, i think more so because i thought it was gonna be my H.G powder and it just was not.

I was reading lolllipop26s blog the other day and she raved about Aveda's hair abundance potion. So I decided to pick one up, it does add volume and it does do what its meant to do to, but again im not wowed especially considering the price.

Graphic Garden got released in the UK this month, and i had been waiting for this pallet for ages and was so happy when i got it, i love this pallet, you can do so many looks with it.

This Eid I'm wearing a smokey green and brown Saree so i really wanted to smokey sultry eyes, so i got Buckwheat and Brun, if i add tempting to this combo it creates a perfect smokey/sultry brown eye.

I also, got some more of Lush's lip balms, I'm addicted to these.


  1. have a happy eid, i want to wear a peach and green sari but ive 8 mnths old so i will pehaps go wid a black and multi shalwar following u from now on and pls do take a look at my blog- hv just started it

  2. Great haul! I hope we get Graphic Garden here too, I really want that palette! I saw the look you made with it, it's gorgeous!