Thursday, 2 April 2009

My little Mac haul!

hSugar sweet was released today in the U.K, from this collection I really wanted two items. I am not a big shade stick fan so I was not too excited about them. Non of the eye shadows looked great either, and I did not like the msfs. The two items I really wanted were Pappermint Patti nail polish and Lollipop lovin lipstick, I tried Lollipop lovin on and it looked awful! I also, tried St Germaim and that looked worse, but I loved Peppermint Patti though, it is such a cute and unique colour! I was so not happy about Lollipop lovin, I really wanted to like lollipop loving, but then.... I went to check out the rest of the Lipsticks, and I tried a few on and was ready to give up, I was starting to thinking Mac lipsticks real are not for me. Until, the Mac Artist put Speed Dial on me…..I loved it!!... I think this is my new favourite lipstick. It is this wonderful rosey pink colour, it is a creamsheen formulation which is perfect for my lips. Its the perfect shade of pink for me, it realy suits my nc25/30 skin tone.

With flash
With out flash

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